DBF008: Excellent Swiss craftsmanship

With these models old-world craftsmanship has been revived. Each piece is a unique piece of high quality and made in Switzerland.

With the manufactories in the Jura, we reactivated traditional watchmaking techniques. They meet both the special requirements of the movement (inside each DBF008 ticks a historical automatic movement caliber AS-1985 made by A. Schild SA in Grenchen) and our high standards. The collection is characterized by millimeter-precise work, some of which was done by hand.

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Uncompromising craftsmanship

The passing of time has been measured since antiquity. DuBois et fils didn’t have to go that far back in the development of the DBF008. Nevertheless, it was the look into the past that contributed to the success of the new collection.

DuBois et fils relies on traditional techniques in the production of the DBF008. Indeed, the watchmaking craft of yesteryear offers crucial clues in the production of complex watches and allows us to implement our ideas in a high-quality manner.

  • Such a technique is used, for example, in the manufacturing of the case which has been particularly finely crafted and catches the eye with its domed box sapphire crystal. The movement of the DBF008 lies directly beneath this aesthetically beautifully cambered, rounded element. The crystal appears large, wide and is framed by a fine rim and makes the watch appear to be particularly slim and graceful.
  • Connoisseurs will immediately notice the soldered "corns", also called "horns", when looking at the DBF008. They are another example of how historical craftsmanship is combined here with today's possibilities: the connecting elements between the case and watch strap were first polished and only then soldered onto the satin-finished area of ​​the case. For this process, the DuBois et fils production team researched and reactivated the oldest technique for assembling case parts of a watch. Soldering was once used to attach the hinge of pocket watches. The strap holders were also soldered on to the first wristwatches. This technique is still used today for precious metals. However, the process is very complex and expensive. DuBois et fils deliberately opted for this method. The traditional craftsmanship thus not only lives on in the history books, but becomes visible. The polished horns also enhance the overall appearance of the DBF008.
  • In order to bring the dial into focus as much as possible, the case of all DBF008 watches is assembled from the bottom up. Another special feature: the bezel can be opened via a snap lock.

High quality developed crown

Another extraordinary component that completes the noble case is the crown. It was developed with Swiss specialists to become a top-class component of the DBF008.

The result: the date is set by pressing a pusher integrated in the crown. A lot of time and know-how was invested in this obvious detail when planning the watch.

Details of the crown

With this unique development, DuBois et fils combines high demands on the watch — quality, function, aesthetics and wearing comfort. All production steps are implemented in the Jura. This means that every DBF008 is a genuine Swiss model.

Swiss design

Only when all the individual parts of a watch work in harmony with each other can time be measured correctly. Every element of the watch was therefore developed very carefully and in close consultation with the manufacturers of the case and dial.

But a watch should still be beautiful. The driving force and creative mind behind the design of the DBF008 is Stephan Messmer. He designed the distinctive look of the watch and managed to perfectly combine the technical and aesthetic requirements of the DBF008.

Stephan Messmer is no stranger to design. A product and industrial designer by training, he lives in Basel and has already designed the Dubois it fils models in the popular DBF006 collection (the Bidynators) and the DBF007 Diver watch.

Blockchain and NFT for every watch

As with our DBF007 Diver watches, each DBF008 also has its own digital image — a “virtual twin” linked to a blockchain.

Digitally linking each watch to a blockchain is the ideal way to trace the authenticity and genuineness of each watch back through generations. It creates transparency, protects against counterfeiting and helps build a unique relationship with the personal piece of jewelry. Customers can follow the history of the watch and later document it themselves. A separate subsidiary, SwissValueCHAin GmbH (SVCH), was founded to develop the technology.