Swiss Diver Watch with Historical Movement and Connection to the Blockchain

From the movement to the design and production, the DBF007 is a Swiss diver's watch with many highlights. DuBois et fils has created a reinterpreted version of this particularly appreciated watch model. 

Now, the limited edition luxury watch becomes even more personalized: 
Each model is connected to the blockchain. We reveal what that means below.

DBF007: Diver Watch Video

Details About the Limited Edition Diver Watches DBF007

The Model of a Real Luxury Watch

Diver watches are popular in the watch industry – both among fans and manufacturers. Swiss watch brands have repeatedly relied on the diver model with great success.

The DBF007 from DuBois et fils comes in a variety of models. Each model of our "Diver" is highly limited. These limited editions shine with high quality materials, elaborate finishes as well as exceptional attention to detail. All this makes the DBF007 a speciality in the diver family – a unique Swiss luxury watch.

The design of this Swiss diver watch is convincing in all its variations. Let it take your breath away – but don't worry: that's just a figure of speech! On your dive, the DBF007 will be your perfect companion.

The Perfect Movement for Your Diver Watch

The movement is a real treasure. We didn't find this one at the bottom of the sea, but we still had to search hard. In all models of the diver watch ticks a caliber AS-1895 movement of the company A. Schild SA. The movement was built in 1960 before it slumbered well packed in the attic of a collector in the Swiss Jura for several decades. DuBois et fils revised the robust movement and built it into a diver watch.

An original historical movement for this popular model – true luxury.

Collaboration with Swiss hunters

Each DBF007 comes in a leather case. DuBois et fils commissions the hides of deer, chamois and roebuck — which are usually decimated after the hunt — to be tanned and processed using traditional techniques. These unique pieces are made by hand and are practical companions in daily life.

Tokenization and Blockchain: Swiss Luxury Goes a Step Further

All models of the DBF007 diver watch are mapped on a blockchain. Already in the production stage, DuBois et fils has worked up the history of the movement and documented the production process on this technology. This history is now part of the watch. It has been assigned to each individual diver watch in the blockchain. Part of this chronicle is also a digital certificate of authenticity from DuBois et fils, which protects your watch from counterfeiting.

This chronicle belongs to you as the owner the respective watch – and the best part: you can add to it! It is possible, for example, to permanently document value-preserving information such as services performed. In this way, you can prove at any time that your luxury watch has been well cared for. Personal memories with your diver watch can also be stored on the blockchain. In this way, you create your own history that you can pass on to your descendants with the watch.

Case, Dial and other Special Features of the "Diver"

In the case of the diver watch, of course, we do without the glass bottom in the case. On the back adorns the crest of the DuBois family. The engraved three fir trees symbolize our lasting close connection to the family and the Jura.

The finish of the case is particularly high quality. The case is not stamped, but milled. This has advantages in the design of the DBF007. At the edge, the case was satin-finished on the side and polished in between. This additional effort was obviously worth it. For a diver watch, it is also important that the crown is particularly well screwed in. This guarantees maximum water resistance. At the same time, the crown's design makes it an absolute eye-catcher.

The bezel of the diver watch can only be turned in one direction. Thus, it is secured against unintentional resetting – a function that is vital when diving. For a better finish and special grip (even under water), the bezel is made of fine ceramic. This gives the luxury watch additional value.

The luminosity of the index, hands and bezel of this diving watch is outstanding. Thanks to Superluminova, the time can be easily read even in dark conditions. 

Limited Editions: Real Luxury

Our DBF007 is not just any Swiss diver watch. Each model is available only in very limited editions. At DuBois et fils, you can choose the limitation number of your model directly on the website itself. There is a maximum of 33 pieces of each diver watch. With the purchase of a DBF007 you acquire a unique companion. You treat yourself to something special. Dive into the world of real luxury.

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