The return of the Bidynator

The wait has come to an end! Almost 70 years after its invention, DuBois et fils is bringing back the first automatic movement with a double-sided winding rotor – the Bidynator – in its authentic form. 

Bidynator: A Swiss original from the 1950s

Patented invention now known worldwide

Switzerland is the undisputed number one for mechanical wristwatches. Among other things, the invention of the "Bidynator" by Felsa in Grenchen contributed to this. In 1942, an employee, Friedrich Meyer, developed the world's first automatic watch movement with a bi-directional winding rotor. A groundbreaking invention: Felsa patented this new technology under the name "Bidynator" and successfully produced movements for the major Swiss luxury brands in the watch industry for many years. Today, automatic watches around the world operate on this principle.

DuBois et fils makes this valuable contemporary witness of the Swiss watch industry in its original version accessible again to all who appreciate high quality craftsmanship and beauty with the DBF006.

In each DBF006 model, an original Bidynator 4007 N movement ticks away, reviving the spirit of the times.

All movements have been expertly disassembled, cleaned, inspected, oiled and regulated. The watches are very powerful and stand out for their accuracy. The 4007 N movement need not fear comparison with a modern automatic movement and will be a reliable companion on your wrist. That is why DuBois et fils offers an extended warranty of five years on all Bidynator watches.

Limited Bidynator Collektion

Besides the characteristic movement, the curved dial or the box-shaped sapphire crystal are essential design elements from the movement's era in the mid-20th century. The design of the Bidynator by DuBois et fils blends clear and modern elements with the touch of the times when the movement was built. Particularly fine indexes give the watches a special character.

DuBois et fils presents with these limited models and their vintage movement a beautiful watch in a noble case. Literally a "historical" piece of luxury for your wrist.

Wear original Swiss watchmaking history with the DBF006.

DBF006-12 am Handgelenk