Diver Watch on tour

The DBF007-10 Limited Edition No. 18 watch accompanies TV presenter Sebastian Hellmann to the biggest sporting events for three months. These include the DFB Cup Final in Berlin, the European Football Championship in Germany and the Olympic Games in Paris. There will also be exciting podcast discussions with celebrities such as German national coach Julian Nagelsmann, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Red Bull boss Oliver Mintzlaff. In the chronicle that comes with the watch, he records the events and encounters with personalities and people, all of whom turn their stories, big and small, into his diary.

Only this diver's watch contains his personal entries on the various sporting events he will be attending. The watch and diary will be auctioned on the DuBois et fils website once all the diary entries have been completed.

A remarkable career

Sebastian Hellmann was born on 13 October 1967 in Bielefeld, Germany. His passion for sport led him to study sports and communication sciences. During his studies, he completed an internship at the WDR sports archive, which encouraged him to work in the world of sport. In 1990 he went to Sportschau, where he worked as an interviewer and presenter until 1996. His path led him to Formula 1, where he travelled the world for RTL, and finally to the prestigious Champions League, presenting high-profile duels. Since 1999, he has presented the Bundesliga, the UEFA Champions League and the DFB Cup for Sky. He won the German Television Award in 2003 and 2005 and the Mira Award for Best Presenter in 2013.



Sebastian Hellmann und Xabi Alonso

A sports time travel

Sebastian Hellmann has traveled the world, experienced a lot, and had important encounters in his job as a television presenter. One of his most memorable moments was presenting the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan and South Korea with soccer legend Franz Beckenbauer.

Also unforgettable was the beer shower with FC Borussia Dortmund coach Jürgen Klopp after a successful match. Just as memorable are the moments of disappointment after defeat, when Sebastian Hellmann shook the hands of the athletes after a defeat. 

Sebstian Hellmann und Jürgen Klopp

"What always drives me are the special moments that you collect in sports, but above all with people. Making others shine with respect and competence is my motto".


In his digital diary, which is linked to the watch, the presenter reports on his exciting assignments with interesting personalities from the world of sport. 

  • Begin: 27.04.24
  • End: 11.08.24
  • Connected watch: DBF007-10-18
  • The entries are linked with blockchain.
  • Special feature: Only the new owner of the watch will have access to the private entries of the anchorman.  

The watch will be auctioned on the DuBois et fils site after all diary entries have been completed.


Other exciting celebrities also wear our DuBois et fils watches for thirty days. Each of those timepieces is linked to an NFT of the corresponding watch. New digital diaries are created on a regular basis — with unique and authentic insights into the private lives of these outstanding individuals.