Token zum Kaliber AS-1985
Token zu Kaliber AS-1985


Manufacture date: 1960
Complete service and revision
Total: 330 pieces

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You have the exclusive right of first refusal on the DuBois et fils watch in which your movement will be installed. The watch will only go on sale if you decide not to buy it. You will enjoy an attractive 10% discount on the purchase price of the watch.

If you choose not to purchase the watch with your movement, you will receive financial compensation equal to the increase in value that your movement has undergone during the production process. For example, in the case of the AS-1985 movement, this increase in value corresponds to 250% of the purchase price you paid. Consequently, for a purchase price of CHF 115, you will receive CHF 287.50.

You don’t necessarily have to wait on the DuBois et fils watch. If you decide you no longer want your watch, you can convert the value into a voucher to use in the DuBois et fils online store. For the AS-1985 movement, the value of this voucher is 120% of the paid purchase price. Should this be the case, you will receive an increase in value as well. Concretely, for the purchase price of CHF 115, you receive a voucher valued at CHF 138.

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Download Purchase Contract (PDF 316 KB)


Be a part right from the start: purchase one of these historic movements and accompany your very own caliber AS-1985 on its way to becoming a DuBois et fils watch.

Technical Details

  • Automatic movement
  • Manufacturer: A. Schild S.A.
  • Year of construction: 1960
  • Complete service and revision
  • Seconds hands centered
  • Incabloc shock protection system
  • Date positioned at 3
  • Quick set date: press the crown
  • Caliber: 13.75"
  • Diameter: 31 mm
  • Height: 5.25 mm
  • Stones: 25
  • Frequency: 21'600 A
  • Power reserve: 42 h

Movement with Token

DuBois et fils assigns a virtual token to each individual movement. Concretely, you buy a watch movement and receive a token that serves as proof of ownershipThis means that you always know exactly which movement belongs to you. The watch work remains in the possession of DuBois et fils. We overhaul the movement and take care of proper storage and maintenance.


At a later point in time you assign a number to the token and can decide in which watch you would like your movement to be installed. A limited, high-quality watch is created from your movement.

We document the process from creation to the end result and map it on a blockchain. The movement and token will experience a guaranteed added value in this process.

By tokenizing historical watch movements, we are redefining the creation of your watch. Be there when we — together with you — make history.


The "AS-1985" movement was created in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The caliber AS-1985 is an extraordinary and rare contemporary witness of Swiss watch history.

It is a historical automatic movement that is characterized by its robustness, long service intervals and accuracy. We are quite pleased that DuBois et fils has a small, exclusive inventory of these movements.

The works by A. Schild SA were especially valued for their proven reliability.

When the movement was created, people worked a lot more with their hands. Despite such manual labor activities there was a demand for wristwatches; especially fine movements. The robustness, the long service intervals and the accuracy of the caliber AS-1985 met those needs. 


Adolf Schild was a gifted watchmaker of the 19th and 20th centuries. His company, A. Schild SA, produced a substantial number of mechanical movements for many well-known watch brands.

That production was one of the largest in movement manufacturing in Switzerland at the beginning of the last century. The production pieces were labelled with the «AS» mark. The works by A. Schild S.A. were especially valued for their proven reliability.

In the 1970s the company was integrated into ETA. Since then, these «AS» works have become a rarity in the timepiece market. Even so, the popularity of these historical works remains strong and unbroken by watch fans.