All DuBois et fils watches are limited to a maximum of 99 pieces per model. Our timepieces rely almost exclusively on historical movements from the 20th century. Whether you choose a model from our Limited-Edition Collection or find a DuBois et fils watch with a more modern movement: Choose your very own Limited-Edition number directly on our website.

Sold Out Limited Edition Series

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What sets DuBois et fils apart from other luxury watches

DuBois et fils has a globally unique collection of 20th century movements. These contemporary witnesses of Swiss watchmaking history are incorporated into our modern luxury watches. In designing watches, we combine creative elements dating back to the time the movement was made, together with current trends. This combination is unique and unmistakably timeless.

Limited, historical movements

Our DuBois et fils watches are really quite something. Each model is produced with a maximum of 99 pieces. Each watch is marked with a limited-edition number, making it a distinctive piece of jewelry – many of which are already sold out and have become valuable collector's items.

Remarkably, the historic Swiss automatic watch movements ticking in our luxury watches are an extraordinary and rare contemporary witness of watch history. This is all made possible thanks to the exclusive collection of historical moments belonging to DuBois et fils.

It is important to us to appreciate the cultural heritage of Swiss watchmaking history, to preserve it and to lead the craftsmanship of the past well into the future – so that it remains accessible to generations to come.

The Charm and Longevity of Mechanics

"The difference is in the soul," said watch connoisseur and journalist Thomas Gronenthal in a conversation with DuBois et fils. More specifically, Gronenthal was referring to the differences between mechanical and quartz movements. This, he said, is due in part to the fact that mechanics always work individually. Each movement has its own characteristics and key values. These characteristics carry over and can also be felt on the wrist and are what make watches with automatic movements so charming.

Our watches possess these movements and this vitality. All DuBois et fils piece has their own story, their very own unique constitution and can also be supplied with spare parts in the long-term. This in itself, also guarantees longevity.

Wide Range of Automatic Watches at DuBois et fils

Inside the DBF008 ticks an AS-1985 automatic movement made in Grenchen in the 1960’s. "Back then, the movements were bulletproof," states the convinced blogger and watch aficionádo Thomas Gronenthal. In the search for a suitable case for the 330 movements, we came across traditional Swiss craftsmanship: it was that look into the past that showed us the way to an extremely high-quality product. The DBF008 was developed without compromise. From design, to material, to finish, the end result of the watch is true Swiss craftsmanship.

The Diver watch DBF007 – featuring an AS-1895 movement made in 1960 by A. Schild S.A. – is a classic in the art of watchmaking. The popular diver model is part of the repertoire of many Swiss luxury brands. The watches in our collection are characterized by special aesthetic highlights and high-quality materials. Since 2021, every new watch has been linked to a Swiss blockchain leading to additional perks when purchased.

As a vintage lover, please take a look at our DBF006 collection. In this series there are 13 extraordinary automatic watches built using a Bidynator movement from the 1950s. The watch movements made by the Felsa Corporation of Grenchen contained a rotor that wound on both sides - a worldwide first. Bidynators are of central importance in the Swiss watch industry. They have gone down in history as a groundbreaking invention and are still an integral part of watch production.

DuBois et fils was founded in 1785. We celebrated the company's 230th anniversary with a special watch: the DBF004. This high-quality anniversary watch features a Swiss hand-wound movement Record 662, DBF edition, made in the 1960s – a watch that marks this proud event in Swiss watch history.

Regardless of whether it is a tachymeter or chronograph – discover your favorite model at DuBois et fils and enjoy the quality of life that accompanies it. Visit our showroom in Basel, where we will be happy to advise you, or order your watch directly from the online shop.

Swiss Made taken to a new level

DuBois et fils works almost exclusively with Swiss suppliers. When choosing our partners, the shared philosophy of producing luxury watches with uncompromising attention to detail plays an essential role. Our automatic watches exude this mentality.

We use exceptionally complex variations in individual components to achieve the highest quality. For the best quality, we use exceptionally complex variations in the individual components. To add, we consistently rely on Swiss-Made. As a manufacturer of Swiss luxury watches, we are aware of our global responsibility. The environment is of great concern to us.

With us, words are followed by action. You can find more information on our Swiss-Made philosophy here. For years, DuBois et fils has stood for transparency and open communication – please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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