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A fascinating personality documents thirty days of her life and records all events in the DuBois et fils digital diary. The entries are linked to a specific watch. After the 30 days, the DuBois et fils watch with digital diary can be purchased at auction.

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30 days in the life of

For thirty days, an exciting personality wears one of our DuBois et fils watches on their wrist. 

This timepiece is connected to the digital diary.

Never before has a watch been so personal

Anyone who buys a watch at our auction will receive the digital diary along with the piece of jewellery. This provides unique insights: The entries can in no way be compared to posts such as Facebook, Instagram or other social media channels. In the digital diary of the selected watch, photos, videos, texts and documents are stored daily by the author. The entries are created by the respective person on the PC, mobile phone or tablet and thus uploaded to the digital diary of the clock. This content is accessible — only to the owner:in of the specific watch — via the customer profile of our website. 

Each entry is personal and contains a maximum of authenticity. 

The data is stored unalterably and with the latest blockchain technology. In this way, they are also protected. The entries can therefore not be revised or changed.

Auction of the watch with NFT

Once the diary is completed after thirty days, a new owner for the watch with the digital NFT will be sought. Anyone interested can buy the corresponding watch via auction.

The buyer thus acquires a special watch with a unique diary. The watch has taken on a unique amount of personality. The individually created entries not only preserve the value of the watch, but also increase its monetary value.

The proceeds of the auction will be split between the author and DuBois et fils.

    Unique worldwide innovation

    DuBois et fils is the first watch brand to tokenize its watches: Each watch is linked to a blockchain and has a digital NFT twin – existing at the same time in both analog and virtual form.

    Chronicle of DuBois et fils

    Before a person's digital diary is created, we at DuBois et fils store various pieces of information about the origin of the watch and the history of the model in the digital chronicle of the timepiece.

    This makes each watch a unique and unmistakable timepiece. 

    Wanted: Exciting personalities

    Participate now

    Are you ready to document thirty days in your life? Do you have a large social media community? Do you want to give your fan base unique insights into your life? Do you want to increase your exposure and make new contacts? Are you interested in diving into the world of blockchain and NFT's in a new and sustainable way? Then you've come to the right place! We look forward to getting to know you.

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