Each timepiece from DuBois et fils is an authentic Swiss product

  • With a historical movement from the 20th century
  • A distinctive number
  • A design from the region
  • Made entirely in Switzerland

The watches embody a touch of nostalgia and appeal to both discerning collectors and style-conscious wearers. They are personal and unique.

All watches from DuBois et fils

Where it all began

In 1751, the DuBois family started producing watches at the premises of their home on Grand Rue in Le Locle. The house continues to be owned by the family to this day — and tells many exciting stories. 

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Digital chronicle of your watch

Our watches are more than just timepieces; they document history, craftsmanship and special moments in your life.

When you purchase a DuBois et fils watch, you not only receive a special piece of jewellery for your wrist, but also your own personal digital diary. This unique feature allows you to create a personalised chronicle in your customer profile. Whether it's moving videos, emotional texts or impressive pictures – your entries are sure to find their place in the history of your watch.

Discover how your watch not only measures time, but also records the unique chapters of your life. Find out more:

DuBois et fils

Tradition and history

DuBois et fils looks back on a long past. The brand combines this valuable cultural heritage with the present day, adding a touch of nostalgia to every watch.

Historical Swiss movements

DuBois et fils relies on historic movements from the 20th century and incorporates them into new watches. 

Each watch is unique

The DuBois et fils collections are strictly limited to a maximum of 99 pieces per model. This makes the watches coveted collector's items and contributes to the exclusivity of the brand.

Swiss craftsmanship

The watches are made in Switzerland with great attention to detail and precision craftsmanship. The use of high-quality materials and meticulous workmanship guarantee outstanding quality.


Each watch bears a distinctive number, making it a personal and unique timepiece. 

Swiss design

DuBois et fils watches are characterised by their timeless and elegant design. The brand focuses on an aesthetic that appeals to both discerning collectors and style-conscious wearers.

Videostill aus dem Nomads of Time Film von DuBois et fils. Das Bild zeigt ein Segelboot auf dem Wasser.