Contemporary witness to a new chapter at DuBois et fils

The DBF001 was the step into a new age for the oldest watch factory in Switzerland. It is a highly limited watch collection — there are no more than 99 pieces.

Big Date Chronograph with special attention to detail. The DBF 001 impresses with its complex case, an elaborate dial and the Dubois-Dépraz Big Date.

Our DBF001 collection

The DBF001 Chronographs

The series of our DBF001 chronographs is an exceptional collection. The limited edition models mark the start of a new era at DuBois et fils. The most recent chapter in our company's long history began in 2013 with this powerful timepiece.

The 10 models of the chronograph with the big date are characterized by exceptional details. The dial is made of several layers with handmade elements, which were elaborately cut. The case is also a bijou worthy of a true Swiss luxury watch. It consists of several individual parts that are made to fit precisely and screwed together.

Our DBF001 – a chronograph for true watch lovers.