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This platform is used to regularly auction unique products from DuBois et fils.


NFT diary by Amandine Albisson

Immerse yourself in the world of art and dance!

Bid and acquire the DBF007-05-19 from DuBois et fils and obtain the digital diary of the renowned Danseuse Étoile, Amandine Albisson. As a special bonus, you’ll also receive the ballet shoes that she will be wearing at the premiere of a piece to be performed at the Opéra national de Paris on September 21, 2023.

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NFT diary by Dada Herzog Al-Attas 

Follow the fashionista on the way to her biggest fashion show yet.

Dada Herzog Al-Attas records her experiences, personal thoughts and challenges in everyday life in an NFT diary by DuBois et fils. The entries are linked in real time to the DBF008-05-05. Get this watch with the unique diary.

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NFT diary of the professional football player João Cancelo

Experience João Cancelo absolutely personally

In a #nft diary João Cancelo recorded 30 days from his life. The entries are linked to the watch DBF008-03-20. Get the watch with the unique diary.

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DuBois 1785 — Record 662

DuBois et fils Vintage Watch

If you wish to wear the DUBOIS 1785 – RECORD 662 vintage watch on your wrist in the future, join the bidding and win this beautiful specimen of pure elegance.

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Montre anniversaire 230 ans

DBF004 — Prototype

To celebrate the end of our anniversary year, we auction a very exclusive watch on our platform: the DBF004 prototype „montre anniversaire 230 ans“ with black dial.

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