Historisches Uhrwerk der Genfer Firma Record aus den frühen 1970er-Jahren
Historisches Uhrwerk der Genfer Firma Record aus den frühen 1970er-Jahren


Year of construction: Early 1970s
Complete service and revision
Quantity: 495 pieces

CHF 135.00 incl. VATi
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You have the exclusive right of first refusal on the DuBois et fils watch in which your movement will be installed. The watch goes on sale only should you decide not to buy. Enjoy an attractive price advantage of 10% on the purchase price of the watch.

Should you decide not to buy the watch in which your movement is incorporated, you will receive financial compensation to the extent of the increase in value the movement has undergone during production process. With the Record 1959-2 caliber, this increase in value amounts to 250% of the paid purchase price. With the purchase price of CHF 135, the amount to be remunerated is CHF 337.50.

You don’t have to wait for a DuBois et fils watch. Should you no longer want your movement, you can convert that value into a voucher for the DuBois et fils online store. The value of the Record 1959-2 caliber voucher is equal to 120% of the original purchase price. You gain an increased value in this scenario as well. With the CHF 135 purchase price, you get a voucher worth CHF 162.

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From movement to watch

Accompany your very own Record 1959-2 caliber on its journey to a DuBois et fils watch. As the owner, you are closely involved in the production process and enjoy attractive benefits. 

The tokenization makes it possible to document the history of your movement in an individual chronicle. The blockchain ensures that the origin of the movement can be traced back many years later and that each piece is protected against counterfeiting.

Technical Details

  • Automatic movement
  • Manufacturer: Record Watch Co. SA in Geneva
  • Year of construction: 1970ies
  • Complete service and revision
  • Central seconds
  • Date at 3 o'clock
  • Caliber: 11.5"
  • Diameter: 25.6 mm
  • Height: 6 mm
  • 17 stones
  • Frequency: 19800 A/h
  • Power reserve: 44 hours


The world is fast-paced and characterized by rapid change. This change also brings new technological opportunities. DuBois et fils is using this as an opportunity and, by tokenizing historical movements, is creating a basis for making the cultural heritage of watchmaking and the craftsmanship of our ancestors accessible to future generations.


To guarantee this accessibility, each DuBois et fils automatic movement is given its own digital image — a DBF token. The DBF token is not only proof of ownership of the movement, but also the movement’s “virtual twin”, linked to a blockchain.

The connection to the blockchain opens up various advantages and possibilities. The technology creates transparency, protects against counterfeiting and ensures that the origin of this historical witness can always be traced. All relevant data on the movement and later on the watch are also securely stored on the blockchain.

The documentation takes place via your DBF token in an individual chronicle of the movement and can be fully accessed on our website from your customer profile.

In this way, we document the past of historical movements for you and equip them for the future. The original Swiss movement is kept by DuBois et fils for professional storage and maintenance. Later, your personal movement will become a limited edition, high-quality watch. 


  • Caliber AS-1895: DuBois et fils put 330 tokenized movements on sale for the first time —  as contemporary witnesses of Swiss watch history — in the summer of 2021. The AS-1895 movements were sold out after only four days. This gave birth to the DBF007 Diver watch collection. Each new watch is linked to a blockchain.

  • Caliber AS-1985: The popularity of historical A. Schild movements remains unbroken among watch fans. Calibers AS-1985 are still appreciated today for their proven reliability, longevity and functionality. This series is also sold out: 330 watch enthusiasts are currently accompanying their tokenized movement on its way into a limited-edition DuBois et fils watch, which will go on sale soon as the DBF008.

  • Made for the future: Tokenized caliber Felsa 692: The "Bidynator" has had a decisive influence on all subsequent designs of automatic movements. DuBois et fils transforms these solid masterpieces of craftsmanship into new timepieces, revitalizing the craftsmanship that is deeply rooted in Switzerland. This series was sold out after a few days.

Those who own a tokenized Record 1959-2 caliber movement benefit not only from special conditions and exclusive access rights to unique products, but also from an all new experience.