A hand-wound movement for a birthday

DuBois et fils is celebrating this historically significant moment with the launch of a highly limited anniversary collection, the DBF004 “montre anniversaire 230 ans”. Together with the usual purist design, a timepiece worthy of the occasion has been created. These exclusive models are equipped with an original historical Swiss hand-wound movement Record 662, édition DBF. With the DBF004 you are forever deeply connected to the history of the Swiss watch industry. To another exciting 230 years of DuBois et fils!

Our DBF004 collection

A milestone birthday in the triple digits: DBF004

Celebrating a milestone birthday in the triple digits is not a given for just any company. DuBois et fils is taking this 2015 company anniversary as an opportunity to celebrate 230 years of watchmaking passion, history, craftsmanship and innovation in a very special way.

Review: Le Locle watchmaker

In the middle of Le Locle, opposite the church, stands the founding house of the Neuchâtel family DuBois et fils. Even today, it’s possible to peer from the street into the windows of fully furnished rooms for a glimpse at the former workplaces of the watchmaker. This sight alone brings long gone times back to life.

The building is still owned by the DuBois family. Paintings of family members adorn the walls and thick, heavy, historical, leather-bound books with documents attest to the company's inexhaustible achievements.

DuBois et fils was founded in Le Locle in 1785. The company experienced its heyday with the production and distribution of high-quality pocket watches. The founding family was known for their creativity in business matters, their ability to generate forward-thinking ideas and look beyond the norm. From 1844, the family business had branches in Switzerland, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, and traded as far away as the USA.

In 1910, the first wristwatches were added to the range and since 1950, DuBois et fils has continued exclusively producing limited edition timepieces and satisfying the desire for exclusivity. The jewelry pieces of DuBois et fils are still popular and sought after by watch lovers from around the world.

Thomas Steinemann took over the company in 2010, which established itself as a global niche brand and innovative company in the luxury watch industry. DuBois et fils is committed to taking the past into the future. The art of traditional Swiss mechanical movement manufacturing is to be preserved - for example through the use of new digital technologies - and kept alive and made accessible to future generations. The company history of DuBois et fils not only began in 1785 on the premises in Le Locle, but continues to live and develop persistently to this day.

Watch history reinterpreted

DuBois et fils celebrated the company's anniversary in 2015 with the launch of a highly limited anniversary collection, the DBF004 "montre anniversaire 230 ans".

Elaborately crafted and detailed, the anniversary model in purist design has the potential to become a limited classic.

The DBF004 "montre anniversaire 230 ans" clearly bears the design signature and personal touch of DuBois et fils with its round, multi-piece case (44 mm) made of high-quality 316L stainless steel, the lateral bridge and the typical fluted bezel.

The sense of form and aesthetics, of value and beauty is also reflected in the dial, which is reduced to the essential. The puristic look of the blue, high-gloss lacquered dial – 2 hands, a small second and elegant, hand-applied indices – underlines the harmonious appearance of the DBF004.

The sense of form and aesthetics, of value and beauty is also reflected in the dial, which is reduced to the essentials. The purist look of the blue, high-gloss lacquered dial - 2 hands, with small seconds and elegant, hand-applied indices - underscores the harmonious appearance of the DBF004.

The Swiss hand-wound Record 662 movement from the 1960s can be seen through the sapphire crystal back with anti-reflective coating on both sides.

Vintage hand-wound movement for lovers of the authentic

"We have deliberately chosen a vintage manual winding movement as the heart of our anniversary model, one that is no longer produced today. Thus, another piece of Swiss watchmaking history beats in the DBF004 montre anniversaire 230 ans, symbolising the rich watchmaking heritage of DuBois et fils," says Thomas Steinemann, CEO of DuBois et fils, the traditional watchmaking house founded in 1785.

A handmade brown strap made of the finest calfskin completes the timelessly beautiful exterior of this timepiece.