Experience the fascination of aviation with our Pilot Watch, equipped with a historic Felsa 692 movement and a unique crown. With its outstanding features and appealing design, the DBF009 embodies the essence of innovation and masterful Swiss watchmaking.

The robust, lightweight case and high-quality wristband make this watch a reliable companion, both by air and land. 


This strictly limited-edition watch is living proof of outstanding craftmanship with remarkable precision and based on the highest standard of aesthetics.


The timeless design of the DBF009 is inspired by the classic Pilot Watch. The dial is well laid out and finished with Superluminova. This luminous material ensures excellent visibility -even at night. In combination with the large numerals, it ensures clear and easy reading, even under poor lighting conditions and demanding environments. An upward-facing aviation watch triangle at the 12 o'clock position provides orientation.

The high-quality titanium case gives the DBF009 an elegant finish. The material is exceptionally light and durable. Style and wearing comfort are therefore perfectly combined. The case makes the watch quick and easy to use. The feel of the entire watch impresses with its pleasant feel. Experience it for yourself - touch it!

The Pilot Watch was created in collaboration with Basel watch designer Stephan Messmer who also previously developed the DBF006, DBF007 and DBF008 models.


The timepiece is equipped with an automatic movement. The caliber 692 dates back to 1948 and was built by the company "Felsa AG" from Grenchen in the canton of Solothurn, still known today for its very high-quality movements.

The Felsa 692 automatic movement is considered to be extremely robust, durable and reliable. In our watch atelier, it is revised, overhauled and reconditioned according to the New Old Stock principle. This means that this watch contains an but state-of-the-art movement. Even today, it still functions at the highest technical level and, thanks to its long history, is a testimony to the traditional art of Swiss watchmaking. 

The see-through back of the watch impressively showcases how the movement ticks to the rhythm of time - a unique eye-catcher, and not just for fans of mechanics.


The historical movements are updated with the latest technology by connecting them to a DBF token, a virtual twin. This technology makes it possible to transparently document the origin of the movement, store certificates and reports on the watch and make them accessible via the digital chronicle. The owner of the watch can expand the digital chronicle with personal contributions in the form of photos, videos, audio and words.

Our Pilot Watch is for anyone who values precise technology, style, innovative design and a touch of adventure.