Dietmar Dahmen wore the beautiful DBF007-12-11 on his wrist for 33 days. The watch was auctioned and sold for CHF 7250.

33 Days of Business Bamm with Dietmar Dahmen

Dietmar Dahmen secures his unique expertise and creative thinking in a watch from DuBois et fils.

"Ladies and Gentlemen - welcome to my BUSINESS BAMM! In the NFT Diary DBF007-12-11 I secure my hottest tips and best tricks for leaders! GET INFORMED, INSPIRED, MOTIVATED! Break out of your boundaries: The world out there is waiting for you and your ideas; I'll show you the way!"

Watch with TIME SAFE

As a top global speaker, Dietmar Dahmen has a wealth of experience in the fields of innovation and technology. Under the title "BUSINESS BAMM!" he integrates various ideas, tips and tricks into the NFT diary of the DBF007-12-11 over 33 days.

The diary is addressed to managers and entrepreneurs as well as to people who want to become one. Because they HELP OTHERS TO CROSS BORDERS.

Experience with Dietmar Dahmen great KEYNOTES from Berlin to Helsinki, INTIMATE COACHINGS from Vienna to Barcelona, podcasts in Munich and pre- and post-preparations for keynotes in China and USA, and - completely different - a stroll through some of the most beautiful CHRISTMAS MARKETS in the world! In addition, Dietmar will upload UNIQUE, EXTENDED BUSINESS INSIGHTS, UNIQUE LEADERSHIP TOOLS, PERSONAL MOTIVATION MESSAGES and even an extended version of a CUTTING EDGE PRE-RELEASE of a BUSINESS BAMM BOOKLET exclusively for the owner of this watch!

Dietmar Dahmen Speech zur Blockchain


With these entries, Dietmar Dahmen creates a LIFELONG and VALUABLE RESOURCE, as they will be secured forever thanks to Blockchain. This treasure trove of content - PERSONALLY RELATED TEXTS and UNIQUE PICTURES - adds an extra dimension to DuBois et fils watches that sets them apart from other luxury watches.

Dieter Dahmen creates a collector's item with "BUSINESS BAMM!" and raises the watch to a new level in terms of uniqueness and technological innovation.

Dietmar Dahmen Speech World Branding Award

Dietmar Dahmen's success story: from advertising genius to innovation pioneer

Dietmar Dahmen has an impressive professional career that shows an exciting DEVELOPMENT in the world of state-of-the-art TECHNOLOGIES and COMMUNICATION MEDIUMS.

The successful keynote speaker has over 20 YEARS of EXPERIENCE in the fields of ADVERTISING and MARKETING. Throughout his career, he has held several key positions including Executive Creative Director and Chief Creative Officer. In these positions, he worked at leading agencies in metropolises such as Hamburg, New York, Munich, Los Angeles and Vienna. During this time he worked closely with GLOBAL TOP BRANDS.

After his SUCCESSFUL RUN in the ADVERTISING INDUSTRY, Dietmar Dahmen turned to a new field that focused on technology-driven customer experiences. At this stage in his life, he became the Chief Innovation Officer at, a company that was later successfully acquired by IBM. His ability to turn the latest technologies and trends into CREATIVE and TRANSFORMATIVE SOLUTIONS for customers made him an expert in the field.

Dietmar Dahmen is now a sought-after top global speaker. He lectures on a LOT OF TOPICS, including CHANGE, INNOVATION, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, BRANDING and DISRUPTION. His talks are known to inform, inspire and excite audiences. 

Dietmar Dahmen is always ON THE PULSE OF THE TIME! He knows the MARKETS. The CUSTOMERS. The PEOPLE. The TECHNOLOGY. His wide range of experience makes him a sought-after speaker and expert who has a positive impact on brands and people.


NFT Diary from Dietmar Dahmen

The creative director and keynote speaker reveals in the digital diary of DuBois et fils how to succeed as a likeable and goal-oriented leader who people love to listen to.

  • Start of the diary: 8. November 2023
  • End of the diary: 11. Dezember 2023
  • Linked watch: DBF007-12-11
  • The entries are secured with blockchain

Special feature: Only the new owner of the watch will have access to the entries of the inspiring speaker Dietmar Dahmen. 

The watch DBF007-12-11 will be auctioned on the DuBois et fils site after all the diary entries have been completed.

💡 In an interview with the Independent Logistics Society (ILS), a platform for inspiration and innovation relating to digitalisation and sustainability in logistics, Dietmar Dahmen talks about the topic of "Digital trust - how do you secure emotional values?". In the exclusive interview, he reveals interesting facts about blockchain technology, the supply chain of emotions and digital trust and refers to his NFT diary in cooperation with DuBois.


Other exciting personalities also wear our DuBois et fils watches on their wrists for thirty days. Each of these timepieces is linked to an NFT of the corresponding watch. New digital diaries are created regularly - with unique and authentic insights into the private lives of these extraordinary people.