The Kremers twins, Erwin and Helmut, were born talented. They started playing football at an early age. They reached their peak in the 1970s, when they were hailed in Germany as 'the first pop stars of the Bundesliga'.  Erwin became European Champion in Belgium in 1972, Helmut World Champion in Germany in 1974. But they were not only known for their footballing prowess. After appearing on Frank Elstner's show 'Montagsmaler', they recorded the song 'Das Mädchen meiner Träume'. Although they couldn't sing, the song was so successful that it reached number one in the charts, ahead of Elvis Presley and Udo Jürgens. 

In the NFT Diary linked to their watch DBF008-01-32, they look back on their past and give an insight into their current private lives, which they document with photos, videos and personal texts.

The watch and diary are being auctioned for charity on the DuBois et fils website. Find out more below. 

Two boys - one passion 

Born in Mönchengladbach on 24 March 1949, the twins proved to be football enthusiasts from an early age. The brothers began their careers in the youth ranks of Borussia Mönchengladbach before making their professional debut in the Bundesliga in 1967. After two successful years with the Foals, in which they made 38 appearances and scored two goals, the brothers joined Offenbacher Kickers in 1969, with whom they won the DFB Cup the following year. Finally, they both moved to the Ruhr area to join tradition-steeped FC Schalke 04, for whom they played over 250 games. As they had two years earlier, the brothers won the DFB Cup with Schalke 04 in 1972.

Erwin und Helmut Kremers mit Pokal

‘We drove the Porsche in pairs and shared a driving licence’

FC Schalke 04 - a traditional club at the heart of football

The club was founded on 4 May 1904 in the district of Schalke and has since won the German championship seven times and the DFB Cup five times. FC Schalke celebrated its greatest success in 1997 when it won the Champions League. 

Although Helmut played in defence, he scored an incredible 45 goals during his time at Schalke. Only 5 less than his brother, who was responsible for the sharp crosses as a left winger. 

The two brothers spent a total of eight years at Schalke 04 before going their separate ways. Erwin ended his successful career at the age of 30 and embarked on a new path as managing director of a children's clothing brand in Gelesenkirchen. His brother Helmut went through three further stations, including in Essen and Calgary, before he also ended his career. After his playing career, he remained loyal to Schalke as manager, interim coach and finally as president. 

Erwin und Helmut Kremers mit Schalke-Trikot


DBF008-01 limited edition nb. 32 

  • In the DBF008-06-32 chronicle, Erwin and Helmut Kremers provide very personal insights into their footballing and private lives.

Only the person who buys this watch at auction can see the personal diary entries.

Schalke hilft!

FC Schalke is not only present on, but also off the pitch. FC Schalke has its own charity organisation set up to support fans and the people of Gelsenkirchen.

DuBois et fils is donating a watch from its current collection to support this charity. The auction will take place as part of an event on 13 July 2024.

Kremers Zwilling bei Schalke Spiel


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