The Rich History of the Oldest Swiss Watch Factory

As the oldest watch factory in Switzerland, we look back on a rich past. Since 1785, everything we do has revolved around exceptional timepieces – first as pocket watches and today on the wrist.

Handshake Alex Frei und Thomas Steinemann

Alex Frei becomes a partner and member of the Board of Directors of Switzerland's oldest watch factory

Footballer, coach and record goalscorer for the Swiss national team Alex Frei joins our Board of Directors and supports the management in expanding our business activities. Together we want to intensify and further develop the brand. You can find out more here.

Thomas Speech GV 2023

Alex Frei becomes partner and board member of Switzerland's oldest watch factory

Footballer, coach and record goalscorer for the Swiss national team, Alex Frei joins our Board of Directors and supports the management in the expansion of our business activities. Together we want to intensify and develop the brand. Find out more here.

Fabienne Wohlwend mit DBF007-08-05

Second watch with NFT diary sold at auction 

Professional racing driver Fabienne Wohlwend wore the DBF007-08-05 watch on her wrist for 30 days. Our watch accompanied her during training sessions, car races and in her free time. The content she created was always linked in real time to the DBF007-08-05. All entries are stored unalterably on the watch's NFT digital twin and are secured by the latest blockchain technology. The person who bought the exceptional lot at auction received the jewel and the watch's digital diary. He or she is therefore the only person who can read the diary.


Urs Siegenthaler im Büro von DuBois et fils mit DBF007-10-04

First watch with digital journal sold at auction

The DBF007-10-04 tells the story of the 2022 World Cup from the pen of Urs Siegenthaler. The professional footballer typed hard during the World Cup in Qatar. He recorded his impressions, personal analyses, thoughts and pictures of all the matches in the digital chronicle of the watch. This watch was auctioned off by DuBois et fils. Only new owner of the DBF007-10-04 receives access to the exclusive World Cup diary of Urs Siegenthaler.


Launch of the DBF008

Each model of the  DBF008 is a unique piece of high quality and made in Switzerland. The first examples have been on sale to the public since 6 December 2022. Original Swiss AS-1985 movements from the 1960s tick in the limited edition models. Traditional Swiss craftsmanship goes into the production.

Tagebuch der DBF007 in digitaler Chronik erstellen

Successful live connection: Digital chronicle

Watch owners can write the diary of their watch on our website. From now on, you can add your own pictures, texts, videos or audio files on our website. They will be saved in the chronicle of your personal watch. Thanks to blockchain technology, entries created today will be preserved for generations to come.

Die Presse-SCHAU an der Vienna Time 2022 mit DBF007-01

DuBois et fils in Vienna

From 4 to 6 November 2022, we presented our latest watches at the "Presse SCHAU" in Vienna. We promoted our products and made new, exciting contacts. The outstanding trade fair in Austria attracts above all discerning and quality-conscious buyers.

Olaf Thon auf Schalke mit einer Taucheruhr DBF007 von DuBois et fils

Fine watches and football

This year, DuBois et fils is the official watch sponsor of FC Schalke 04 and brings Swiss precision "to Schalke". In Düsseldorf, we welcomed Olaf Thon, long-time FC Schalke 04 player, for a talk with Thomas Steinemann, moderated by Thomas Gronenthal. The following day, we attended the FC Schalke 04 match against SC Freiburg. The VELTINS Arena in Gelsenkirchen has over 62,000 seats and was vibrating from the first second until the final whistle.

Touch and Feel von DuBois et fils-Uhren

Successful development of DuBois et fils

Ten years ago, on 12 August 2012, we successfully launched a share-based crowdfunding campaign. As a result, DuBois et fils – the brand, the turnover, but also the community – has grown since then. Our company now has more than 1,000 shareholders from over 30 countries around the world. We celebrated this gratifying development with our supporters in Basel on 22 August 2022.


Tokenised movements: two new series

176 pieces of caliber 692 made by Felsa SA in 1948 and 495 pieces of caliber Record 1959-2 made in Geneva went on sale this year. We linked the automatic movements with a DBF token — a "virtual twin" of the calibres that links each movement to a blockchain. In this way, we are upholding the cultural heritage of watchmaking and the craftsmanship of our ancestors.

Die DBF007-03 anfassen und anprobieren

New: DBF007 Diver Watch

On October 12st, 2021, Thomas Steinemann presented the new diver's watch at Römerstrasse in Frick and presented exciting background information on the new collection. Watch fans and interested "aficionados" traveled from across Switzerland to check out the limited edition DBF007 watch models, which are connected to a blockchain.

Thomas Steinemann und Heike Walterscheid am Tokenevent DuBois et fils 2021

Sales launch of 330 tokenized movements

Together with friends, the start of a new era was celebrated in the DuBois et fils garden in Basel on July 21st, 2021: for the first time 330 Caliber AS-1895 watches could be purchased from the oldest watch factory in Switzerland.

DBF-Token DuBois et fils AS-1895 Anton Schild Uhrwerk Swiss Made Limited Edition

Creation of 330 movements with DBF tokens

DuBois et fils, in collaboration with SwissValueCHain GmbH (SVCH), developed the necessary technical requirements for tokenizing historical watch movements. Completely new in the watch industry, this enables a link between the analog and digital worlds.

On July 2nd, 2021, our first DBF token was created. 330 historical Caliber AS-1895 movements were given a digital twin in a process known as "mining." A new limited edition watch is later created from each tokenized movement.

Via a blockchain, all important data of each new watch is stored in the customer account at DuBois et fils. The process also creates transparency, protects against counterfeiting and ensures that the origin of the movement can be traced years later.

DBF006-01 Bidynator liegend, auf Zeitung

Swiss original from the 1950’s

Nearly 70 years after its invention, DuBois et fils brings back the first automatic movement with a double-sided winding rotor – the Bidynator – in its original form. The DBF006 watches are available and can also be found on our online shop.


120 guests at the General Meeting

Our shareholders met on June 22nd, 2019 for this year's Annual General Meeting held at the Natural History Museum in Basel. David Fürpass was the 1000th shareholder. As a special occasion, it was decided that his share package was to be gifted. David, together with his father and sister, experienced a very difficult time during the last three years. Their touching story and how the family dealt with it left a lasting impression on all those present.

2015 DBF 230 Jahre

A watch for 230 years of passion

230 years of passion for watches, history, craftsmanship and innovation. DuBois et fils is celebrating this historically significant moment with the launch of a very limited anniversary collection, the DBF004 'montre anniversaire 230 ans'.


Strategic realignment

Creation and presentation of a pioneering distribution concept for the luxury segment of the watch industry.


Worldwide participation

Within 5 months, a total of 587 people from 21 countries subscribed to DuBois et fils shares and invested CHF 1.5 million in the traditional Swiss brand.


Inventive and successful

DuBois et fils is the first luxury watch brand in the world to launch an equity-based crowdfunding campaign via the company's own website. An unusual, but successful, act in the watch industry.

Thomas Steinemann ist CEO von DuBois et fils. Werden Sie auch Aktionär*in der ältesten Uhrenfabrik der Schweiz.

Basel entrepreneur takes over watch company

Thomas Steinemann, an experienced (watch) manager and passionate 'watch aficionado', becomes the new owner of Philippe DuBois & Fils SA. This marks the brand's return to Switzerland after the company was sold to new owners in Hamburg in the 1980s.

Werbeanzeige von DuBois et fils 1953

Limited production

The company decided to focus on the production of limited timepieces in the future.

Autorist von DuBois et fils 1931

"Autorist" by DuBois et fils

The "Autorist" wristwatch with automatic winding via the movement of the lugs is launched.

Vintage-Uhren von DuBois et fils


DuBois et fils adds the first wristwatches to its range.

DuBois & Fils on a watch Fair in Germany

Strong relations abroad

The company has offices in Switzerland, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. The location in Frankfurt was an expression of the particularly strong ties that the DuBois family maintained from the Swiss Jura to Germany.


International business activity

Philippe DuBois & Fils starts distribution in the USA.

Taschenuhr von DuBois et fils

Successful pocket watches

During the first 55 years, the company sold more than 110,000 pocket watches.

DBF Logo 1798 mit drei Tannen

Founding of DuBois et fils

Philippe DuBois takes his two sons on as partners in the company – the Philippe Du Bois & Fils company is born.

Wappen DuBois et fils in Le Locle

Expansion of the company

Mois’ children, Philippe and Isabeau, take over the company, which is then renamed to Philippe DuBois & Soeur.

Uhrmachertisch in Le Locle von DuBois et fils

Start of watch production

Moise DuBois begins to produce watches.

Arbeitstisch in Le Locle im Maison DuBois

Entering the watch industry

Moise DuBois begins trade in pocket watches.

Familie DuBois

Joining the company

Moise DuBois takes over his father’s textile trading company.