Thomas Steinemann, CEO von Du Bois et fils, beim Mining der 330 historischen Uhrwerke AS-1985

Why buy tokenized movements from DuBois et fils?

The purchase of a DuBois et fils watch begins with the selection of a tokenized movement. At a later time, it’ll be up to you to decide in which watch your purchased, limited edition Swiss automatic movement will be installed.

Here you can discover what other advantages await you and what exactly tokenizing movements means.

Historic Swiss movements at the heart of a watch

DuBois et fils has an exceptional stock of historic Swiss movements – classic pieces from workshops of great houses of Swiss watchmaking which have become increasingly rare on the market. By including these remarkable testaments of time in future DuBois et fils collections we want to make them accessible to lovers of traditional Swiss Made art.

With us you have the possibility to purchase a movement of a limited series of these rarities. The purchase of the movement is the beginning of a great story.

Here are three reasons why the purchase of a tokenized movement is worth your while:


How well do you know the watch you wear on your wrist? How much do you know about your piece of jewelry?

A watch is often more than an ordinary object. Even more so, the team at DuBois et fils is convinced that the relationship with a watch is crucial for the comfort, well-being and quality of life with it. Experience shows that a good relationship is based on trust, honesty, and knowledge of one another and for this reason we have tokenized our historical movements.

This means that automatic movements at DuBois et fils are given a virtual twin, a so-called DBF token. Tokenization allows us to give you detailed insight into the production process. You’ll see how your movement is turned into a DuBois et fils watch. You’ll receive background reports on the origin of your movement, information on its functions and regular updates on the status of production and next steps. Thanks to tokenized movements, we can record this content digitally and transparently. The history of your movement (and later the watch) is continuously documented and permanently stored on a blockchain.

With the purchase of a movement you are part of the process from the very beginning.

2. Your movement, your decision!

First and foremost, it’s your decision. We continuously offer new series of historical Swiss movements. 

Your decision starts with the selection of your personal movement. Then you choose the watch to match your movement. It’s as personal as which dial color or which case finish you want to assign to it. Tokenization also allows us to map these processes in a technically transparent way. You can easily and conveniently handle all steps via your customer account on our website.

Connect your personal movement with your favorite watch from DuBois et fils.


When you purchase a movement, you receive an exclusive right of first refusal on the watch to which you assign your movement. If you purchase the watch, you will receive a 10% discount on the purchase price of the watch, as well as a payment equal to the price you originally paid for the movement.

Granted: on purchase of the movement, you won’t know which watch your movement can be installed in. The beauty of tokenizing movements however, lies in the fact that you will benefit even if you don’t like any of our watches. Regardless of whether the watch suits your fancy or not, your movement will still be assigned to a watch and DuBois et fils will buy the movement back from you. On top of the original purchase price paid for the movement, DuBois et fils pays additional compensation for the increase in value that your movement has made during the production process. The price of the buy-back is determined in advance when the movements are issued. For example for the AS-1985 movement, the combined buy-back price (purchase price of the movement + increase in value) is CHF 287.50. The original movement cost CHF 115.

Should you not want to wait for a watch despite having purchased a movement, you can easily do so. Your movement can be exchanged for a DuBois et fils store voucher. The value of this voucher is 120% of the purchase price you paid for the original movement – benefitting you even here.

Using the AS-1985 movement (CHF 115 purchase price) as an example, your advantages at a glance are:

  • You buy the watch built with your movement: You receive a 10% discount on the purchase price of the watch plus payment of CHF 115
  • You renounce the purchase of this watch: You receive a payment of CHF 287.50
  • You convert your watch movement into a voucher: You will receive a voucher of CHF 138


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