Die DBF007 ist eine Taucheruhr mit besonderen Highlights. Merkmale und Funktionen dieser limitierten Uhren-Kollektion sind hier übersichtlich dargestellt.

DBF007 Features: Diver watch highlights

Who doesn't know them: travellers who move skilfully in our globalised world, know how to use its advantages and cultivate a cosmopolitan lifestyle. These "urban travellers" feel at home wherever they can be themselves. Personal items and refined accessories accompany these people through large, colourful, noisy cities, but also on their forays through vast natural landscapes, forests or seas. 

A companion for life

We created the DBF007 for moments like these. It is adaptable, comfortable, en vogue and distinguished by exquisite, natural materials of the highest quality. Each model is created with precise handcrafting.

DuBois et fils commissioned the production of this collection with choice quality Swiss manufacturers using sustainable production. Not only the design, the case and the dial are "Swiss Made" – the assembly, fine adjustment of functions and the final inspection of the DBF007 also took place in Switzerland.

The DBF007 is a watch for every situation in life. In the following article, you will learn which extraordinary properties it is equipped with. We have compiled for you the most important features of the diver's watch:

Digital security

DuBois et fils is committed to complete transparency, sustainability and the highest quality in production and the use of the latest technologies.

To safely store all relevant information about your watch in an inalterable way and to protect your DBF007 from counterfeiting, it is linked to a blockchain. DuBois et fils developed these applications together with its subsidiary SwissValueCHain GmbH with the necessary technical requirements provided.

Each DBF007 from DuBois et fils is a unique, long-lasting piece of jewelry worth protecting.

Uunique pieces made from Swiss game

DuBois et fils commissions the hides of deer, chamois and roebuck — which are usually decimated after the hunt — to be tanned and processed using traditional techniques. These unique pieces are made by hand and are practical companions in daily life. Each DBF007 comes in one of these leather cases.