Taucheruhr DBF007 mit British Racing Green und Gehäuse aus Edelstahl. Im Innern dieser Uhr tickt ein Automatikuhrwerk der Adolf Schild SA aus den 1960er-Jahren.
DBF007-10 mit Zifferblatt und Lünette in "British Racing Green", limitiertes Modell (22 Exemplare), mit historischem Schweizer Uhrwerk und einer Blockchain verbunden
Seitenansicht der DBF007-10, mit Zifferblatt und Lünette in "British Racing Green", limitiertes Modell (22 Exemplare)
Der Boden der limitierten Taucheruhr DBF007 mit Edelstahl-Gehäuse der Schweizer Uhrenmarke DuBois et fils.

DBF007-10-04 Urs Siegenthaler’s World Cup Diary

The professional football player tapped hard on the keys: he recorded all of his impressions on matches, his personal analyses, and his thoughts and pictures for this watch. This unique diary is only accessible to those who own this watch. 

Take part in the auction now and bid on this timepiece. With the DBF007-10-04 you will receive a piece of jewelry is an absolutely unmistakable one of a kind.

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World's first watch with digital diary

Urs Siegenthaler accompanied the German national team alongside Jogi Löw and played a decisive role in some of its successes, including the 2014 World Cup title. The former professional football player and coach has attended numerous World and European Championships. He knows the sport like nobody else.

It was all the more special for Urs Siegenthaler to experience a World Cup at home. For DuBois et fils, he wrote a very personal diary and followed all the games from day one with great enthusiasm. This resulted in a total of 34 entries – including exclusive photos from Qatar, from public viewing with his friends or from his living room.

Urs Siegenthaler stored all his impressions of the 2022 World Cup and analyses in the DuBois et fils watch DBF007-10 with the limited edition number 04. The unique diary  includes matches, results, media reports and shows exclusive footage. Only this diver's watch contains his personal entries on all the matches.

Excerpts from Urs Siegenthaler's diary

6.11.2022, at home

The special significance of the watch with the limited-edition number 4: "(...) that was my jersey number at my home club. I celebrated my greatest successes as a football player with FC Basel under Helmut Benthaus. That's why 4 is a very special number for me."

Urs Siegenthaler Fussballer Autogrammkarte

11.11.2022, Sigi's WM Studio

WORLD CUP PREPARATION 2022 QATAR "Who will be the tournament’s best player and who will be the tragic hero? So many questions and soon there will be answers."

US mit Fernseher Vorbereitungen WM2022

4.12.22, Watching soccer with friends

Together with Karli Odermatt and Erni Maissen, successful FC Basel football players, Urs Siegenthaler looks forward to seeing what happens on the field in Qatar: "Soccer experts don't always agree, everyone has their own views and opinions. It’s not always easy.... That's football for you!"

Vorbereitungen WM2022 mit Urs Siegenthaler bei DuBois et fils

A one-of-a-kind piece

Bid on this precious watch now and wear the DBF007-10-04 on your wrist soon. Those who own the DBF007-10-04 will receive this special, authentic diary with their watch. The exclusive digital diary is included with the watch. You can continue to write in it individually after you receive it.

* The contents of Urs Siegenthaler’s diary in the chronicle for this specific watch is only available in German. 
* The entries made by Urs Siegenthaler are unchangeably stored in the blockchain. The chronicle of the watch however, can be supplemented at any time with new entries.

Urs Siegenthaler bei DuBois et fils mit Thomas Steinemann und der DBF007-10-04

Secured with blockchain

The chronicle of DBF007-10-04 is in digital format. Secured with the latest technology thanks to blockchain, all information related to the watch is stored there — for example, the history of the movement or the production process of the Diver. 

The digital chronicle gives you exclusive access to this information and allows you to store your own content (pictures, videos, service documents, etc.) there. 

Original historical movement

This DuBois et fils Diver watch is equipped with an automatic movement from the Grenchen watch manufacturer A. Schild SA. The historic caliber AS-1985 dates back to the 1960s.