General Information


As the first luxury watch brand worldwide, DuBois et fils has officially entered into the fascinating world of sharing! Possession is increasingly seen as ballast in our globalized world. Quick and easy access to goods is much more important in today’s world.

The innovative service "Rent Your Luxury Watch" allows for interesting access to the highly limited DuBois et fils watch collection. Why buy when you can rent? You can live out your dream of wearing a fine timepiece without first having to make a large financial commitment.

The most important facts about our latest service:

  • ,Shareholders only ': Until Spring of 2017 "Rent Your Luxury Watch" is available exclusively to Shareholders of DuBois et fils (learn more - see our share subscription).

  • Minimum rental period: 1 month

  • Maximum rental period: 12 months

  • Monthly feec. CHF80 and CHF150 (depending on the watch model).

  • One-time processing fee (per rental watch): CHF 150.00 (in Switzerland) CHF 250.00 (abroad)

  • Reimbursement: A sophisticated reward system offers the renter a reimbursement of a maximum of half of the regular rental rate.


Renters have the option of uploading 2 travel photos per month of their rented watch in a separate field on the home page ("Check History"). A defined amount will be refunded for each photo. Each and every visitor to the Website can click and ‘like’ the posted photo. Photos receiving 30 or more likes will receive the maximum refund amount.


Philippe DuBois & Fils rents DBF watches exclusively via the company's Internet shop. DuBois Customer Service guarantees that available rental watches are perfectly maintained.

Philippe DuBois et fils guarantees:

  • Normal wear and tear (for example scratched crystal; colour and material alterations of leather and rubber watchbands).

The guarantee does not apply in case of:

  • damage or malfunction due to improper handling, lack of care and accidents (shocks, dents, breaks in crystal, etc.).