11 – 06 – 2014 – –
Still Become a Shareholder of DuBois

Success gets passed around.

Our 600 shareholders showed great courage a little over a year ago and financially supported our idea for the revival of DuBois et fils.

They will go down in history as pioneers, as it was the first time that a luxury watch brand was saved from going under by means of equity funding. As co-owners, shareholders of DuBois et fils can closely follow how the brand is developing via a separate shareholders site.

Our innovative approach, especially for the raising of capital, is still echoing throughout the media, and we regularly receive inquiries for the purchase of shares of the oldest watch maker of Switzerland.

Now the time has come again: only for a short period and in a very limited quantity, it is possible to purchase a share package on the DuBois et fils website and thereby become part of the new history of DuBois et fils.