04 – 11 – 2014 – –
Review Shareholders Event

Close to 300 shareholders, guests and representatives of the press accepted our invitation to descend into the world of the Nomads of Time. In which the word 'descend' is to be taken quite literally. An exceptional setting with a charming ambience awaited our guests inside the event location of 'Filter 4'. The interior of Filter 4 was a perfect setting for the theme of Nomads of Time, with its ochre and sandstone coloured vaulted ceilings and the partially natural sandy floors.

How is our understanding of luxury defined and how does it change? This question marked the start of the official part of the event. It was shown that the classic status symbols, such as sinfully expensive luxury limousines and holidays in five star resorts, will in the future hardly play a role in our area of the world. The new trend is: I can do without it!

Following the official part of the event, shareholders and guests made use of the opportunity to view the DBF watch collections and to enjoy a culinary journey through the different continents.

Thank you very much for a great event!