15 – 01 – 2014 – –
Pioneering distribution concept

The steady shifts and changes of the markets necessitate the development of innovative strategies. An increasing number of distribution channels are shifting to the online market and are thereby entering into direct competition with traditional retail businesses. Especially in the luxury segment of the watch industry, enormous growth rates in Internet distribution are being predicted for the coming years. Retail shops are understandably somewhat sceptical and concerned about this development.

DuBois et fils has been intensively grappling with this topic over the last months and has unfailingly taken the interests of retail shops into account while developing their innovative distribution concept. This distribution concept, which is based on the DuBois et fils Online Shop, yet fully integrates the retail shops and allows them to profit from this connection at all times. Distribution partners from DuBois et fils expect among other things a low investment, worldwide presence of the retail shop, higher margins and a financial stake in online direct sales.

We are convinced: online luxury brand shops are the distribution form of the future, as luxury and E-commerce are a perfect match. Retailers that work with us, do not compete with our DuBois et fils Online Shop, but become valued and innovative partners. Together with them, we will set new standards in the sale of luxury products and actively shape the future.