11 – 05 – 2021 – –
The oldest watch factory in Switzerland relies on blockchain

In the future, “Du Bois et fils” will rely more consistently on blockchain to enable customers and shareholders to continuously participate in the company's development. The oldest watch factory in Switzerland will become more transparent and accessible.

Philippe Du Bois et fils S.A., based in Basel, is a manufacturer of wristwatches. The company has existed since 1785 and today only produces very limited watch models. Now Du Bois et fils is revitalizing the craftsmanship that is deeply anchored in Switzerland and leading it into the future in a special campaign: historical watch movements will be represented on a blockchain later this year.

Bringing value to life

Du Bois et fils founded a subsidiary, SwissValueCHain GmbH (, for this purpose in January 2021. It is the basis for various digital future projects of the company, merging Swiss craftsmanship with the latest technology in a unique combination. The blockchain is not only intended for documentation and participation in the blockchain or for protection against counterfeit watches. The step into the new field of this technology and the development of a specific blockchain application enables DuBois et fils to credibly bring values such as sustainability and historical ties to life in the age of digitalization.  “Through transparent participation we want to generate trust and enthusiasm for what we do,” says Thomas Steinemann, CEO of DuBois et fils.

Long term goals

DuBois et fils is a small, independent brand with a history rich in tradition and a great potential for innovation. The founding family was already known for creativity and ability to generate future-oriented ideas and to look beyond the usual boundaries. Like the watch pioneers of that time, this is what makes DuBois et fils stand out today - paired with long-term thinking and action.

The company is supported by a broad shareholder base. Over 1,000 shareholders in 31 countries are already part of its history and its historical development as a valuable Swiss watch brand. "Tokenizing our share capital is therefore one of the topics to be realized on the blockchain in the future. Other exciting projects are already in the implementation phase," says Thomas Steinemann.