14 – 02 – 2021 – –
New metal strap for the DuBois et fils Bidynator collection

Which type are you?

Metal or leather? Many of us have a preference when it comes to the material of our watch band. Often, the strap also plays a role in the purchase decision. Especially with our favourite watches we almost exclusively wear bands with the preferred material on our wrist. When it comes to all watch straps, at DuBois et fils we look for high-quality materials and a comfortable fit.

Leather straps have a long tradition in watchmaking. Also during the last century, watches were predominantly assembled with leather straps. Of course, the leather strap also plays an important role in the models from DuBois et fils. When selecting the leather used for our straps, we do not only pay attention to quality. In the spirit of sustainability, we exclusively use leather with a known origin and from ecological processing.

Bracelets of the Bidynator collection

This also applies to the leather strap of our Bidynator collection. It is a high-quality and sustainably produced strap made of calf-leather. This sustainability corresponds to the DNA of the DuBois et fils Bidynator watches. The Bidynator series DBF006 is known to contain a historic movement from the 1950s. Therefore, as the heart of the watch, we use an existing, high-quality resource instead of producing a new movement.

The popular Bidynator series was previously only available with a leather strap. So lovers of metal straps were left empty-handed with our latest collection. But there are good news: A metal strap is now available for the Bidynator. The 9-link strap made of 316L stainless steel guarantees a high level of wearing comfort. The precise workmanship of the individual links nestles comfortably on your wrist. The band is designed so that no hair on the arm can get caught between the links. Wearers of these metal bands will not want to take the band off again!

The metal bands can be ordered now in our webshop. Do you have any questions? We are happy to advise you and look forward to hearing from you.