11 – 08 – 2020 – –
the man behind the design of Bidynator

The release of our "Bidynator" collection DBF-006 has made big waves. We have received a lot of positive feedback for this historic series of limited edition watches.

Of course, a big hit like this one, always requires a lot of hard work. Stephan Messmer is one of the people who has played a major role in shaping the face of the "Bidynator". Stephan supported us to design this collection watch. The market launch of the DuBois et fils "Bidynator" models was a special moment for him. About the finished watch, Stephan Messmer says

"What I particularly like about the watch is the inclusion of design elements from the past. The built-in movement is cambered and dates from the 1960s. This heritage cried out for a cambered dial and a box glass. We chose a soft radius for the box glass. This design is closest to the plexiglass from the time of the movement. The case consists of polished and satinized surfaces. This interaction shows the high quality of the case. It also symbolizes the inner value contained within the watch

The result is a fascinating model. The history of the contained Felsa movement is paired with design, which is both modern but at the same time also uses elements from the original time of the movement."

Stephan's enthusiasm for the DuBois et fils Bidynator is evident. He didn't stop there and wanted to own one himself. Today Stephan is one of only 11 lucky owners of the strictly limited DBF-006-05. But why did he choose this model?

Stephan: "The green dial has fascinated me from the very beginning. The red-gold elements are an additional highlight. Some of the Bidynator models are based on movement that are plated with red gold. We wanted to make this red gold note visible. This is the reason why all parts with a reference to the movement are also gold-plated. Design and function. I am happy to wear such anoutstanding piece of watch history on my wrist."

Stephan is just one of many happy owners of the Bidynator models. If you are also interested in our collection, please visit our webshop. All information about the DuBois et fils "Bidynator" can be found here: