03 – 07 – 2013 – –
A Look Back at the Shareholders' Meeting

Over 150 shareholders and more than 100 additional guests took part in the first shareholders' meeting of DuBois et fils in Le Locle. Already shortly after 10 o'clock, around one and a half hours before begin of the official meeting, there were countless curious and delighted watch aficionados to be found in the Musée des Beaux-Arts.

The main event began with thanking the city of Le Locle and the Musée des Beaux-Arts for their unbureaucratic help during the organisation of the shareholders’ meeting. Many thanks also went out to the members of the DuBois family, who to the delight of many shareholders were personally present. After a brief journey back through the over 250 year history of DuBois et fils, an overview of what has already been achieved took place (relaunching of the brand, successful crowd funding, production of innovative products) followed by an outlook of what's to come. Especially notable here was the new branding theme – Nomads of Time – with which DuBois et fils is going into the future. The presentation of the new website and explanations regarding the online ordering process for the limited watch collection were also received with great interest. Brief interviews with widely different DuBois et fils shareholders – consultants, the design team and programmers – rounded off the presentation. Yet the much anticipated highlight of the meeting was the first 'touch & feel' of the DBF001 and DBF002 collections. The individual models were closely examined and caused excitement with their distinct appearance.

The feast for the eyes was then followed by a sumptuous buffet with regional specialities. The shareholders and guests used the opportunity in the relaxed atmosphere to get to know each other and have lively discussions.

The shareholders' meeting clearly showed that DuBois et fils has finally awoken from its long sleep and has gone forth to rediscover the world.