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«GT 55»: A Watch Movement from Waldenburg

«GT 55»: A Watch Movement from Waldenburg

DuBois et fils has said it many times: We are committed to historic mechanic watch movements. Part of this commitment is the communication of the history of these movements and the companies that manufactured them. Today, we will address the «GT55» of manufacturer Revue Thommen. A movement, which we appreciate very much.

The Story of Revue Thommen

In the 19th century, the Swiss community of Waldenburg was confronted with high unemployment rates. Like many others, Waldenburg decided to address the situation by investing in the watch industry.

In 1853, the «Société d’Horlogerie» was founded and charged with the task with the assembly of raw movements. This project remained unsuccessful, which allowed the entrepreneur Gédéon Thommen to acquire the movement factory in 1859.

In 1905, Gédéon’s son Alphonse founded the «Thommens Uhrenfabrik AG». He later also changed the «G.T.» brand name to «Revue Thommen». In the same year, the Swiss government commissioned Thommens Uhrenfabrik AG to develop cockpit instruments for Swiss Army aircrafts. This also included the development of a pilot chronograph, which could then be delivered to the air force in 1916.

Subsequently, the Revue Thommen watch factory developed numerous movements of its own, such as the GT55 or the GT82, and became an interesting supplier on the international market.

The GT55 at DuBois et fils

The automatic movement GT55 is a contemporary witness of Swiss watchmaking history. It contains a small second, which functions independently of the movement.
In our view, the outstanding reliability and precision of this movement deserve recognition. DuBois et fils therefore granted this movement have a special place in its collection. Our DBF003-01, -02, -03, 04 and -05 contain a GT55 Revue Thommen movement.
The movement we used were produced in the 1960s. They have not been used before. Our team completely disassembled the movements and cleaned as well as serviced all parts. But we did more: We coated the individual parts in anthracite and added blue stones to give the movement a very special look in the color scheme.
By using high quality, modern oils we were able to greatly improve the quality and durability of the movement.
The limited edition models, which are still available in 2 men's and 2 women's sizes, have a very high-quality guilloché center with a satinized exterior.

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