07 – 04 – 2020 – –
Five year Bidynator Guarantee

After more than 3 months of user-wear tests further results on the performance of the new Bidynator DBF006 are available.

The original historical cmovement Cal. 4007 N from Felsa exceeds all expectations. The movement, manufactured in Grenchen in the 1950s, needs not shy away from  comparison to today's movement. The power reserve is specified by the manufacturer as 40 hours. We achieved values ​​of over 43, sometimes even 45 hours in all of our test watches. The accuracy is also below the estimated maximum values ​​of +20 seconds.

It is astonishing just what a clockwork of over 60 years of age can achieve when revised by specialists with great care, using today's high-quality lubricants and oils.

The Bidynator Movement 4007 N will be a reliable companion on your wrist for decades. That is why we offer all of our customers a 5-year guarantee on the Bidynator.

Become the bearer of Swiss watchmaking history with the DBF006.