08 – 09 – 2014 – –
Exclusive Auction of Prototype DBF002

Weeks, months or even years – sometimes the road is long for a watch to actually arrive on the market. The manufacturing of prototypes is a central part of the preparation. With the help of today's graphics applications, it is easily possible to develop prototypes on the computer screen and depict them in three dimensions.

Yet despite all of the technical advancements, in the end only a physical model can provide a clear answer on whether the size, colour scheme and proportions are really properly coordinated. In the end, we must decide which timepiece should really go into production. This decision is not always easy for us, nevertheless, we only allow the manufacture of prototypes whose potential we believe in.

But what happens to the prototypes that do not make it into the collection of DuBois et fils? One of them, at any rate, will be exclusively auctioned on our website.

This beautiful, unique item has a guilloche dial, which stands for discrete luxury. The chosen colour scheme – orange accents on a blue dial – lends the prototype a dynamic note and is reminiscent of great classic watches. A 9-link band made from high-quality stainless steel 316L with a pressure snap flip-lock punctuates the distinguished elegance of this exclusive timepiece.

The DBF002 prototype will be auctioned off to the highest bidder from 08 to 30 September 2014 on the DuBois et fils website ( The entire proceeds will go into the account of our DBF social aid project.