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An exceptional contemporary witness: The automatic movement caliber AS-1895

Allow us to take you on another journey into the history books of the Swiss watch industry. Dive in and find out what this excursion has to do with the near future of DuBois et fils.

Watchmaking in Grenchen

Adolf Schild was a gifted watchmaker of the 19th and 20th centuries. His company, A. Schild S.A., produced a substantial number of mechanical movements for many well-known watch brands. That production was one of the largest in movement manufacturing in Switzerland at the beginning of the last century. The production pieces were labelled with the «AS» mark. The works by A. Schild S.A. were especially valued for their proven reliability.

In the 1970s the company was integrated into ETA. Since then, these «AS» works have become a rarity in the timepiece market. Even so, the popularity of these historical works remains strong and unbroken by watch fans.

The caliber AS-1895 by A. Schild S.A.

A. Schild S.A. manufactured the "AS-1895" movement in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It’s an extraordinary historical automatic movement. Precision and functionality were as convincing at that time as they are today. When the movement was created, people worked a lot more with their hands. Despite such manual labor activities there was a demand for wristwatches; especially fine movements. The robustness, the long service intervals and the accuracy of the caliber AS-1895 met those needs. It is those same qualities that also correspond to the zeitgeist of the 21st century. This is yet another reason the movement continues to be in great demand across the market.

A. Schild S.A. supplied the caliber AS-1895 almost exclusively to brands such as Tudor, Girard Perregaux and Blancpain.

This excursion into history is proof: The Adolf Schild caliber AS-1895 is an extraordinary and rare contemporary witness of Swiss watch history. We are quite pleased that DuBois et fils has a small, exclusive inventory of these movements.

The present version of the DuBois et fils AS-1895 caliber is equipped with a day-date indicator. The winding mechanism is outsourced to a separate module. Thanks to the "Incabloc" shock protection system, still in production today, the movement is well protected from shock as well as very resilient. The frequency of the balance -21,600 vibrations per hour- allows for longer maintenance intervals and the power reserve reaches 42 hours. Further, the mechanical movement is equipped with 25 ruby jewels making the caliber AS-1895 one of the highest in quality movements.

Innovation meets historical movements

In 2021, DuBois et fils is taking another big step into the digital age. These A. Schild S.A watch movements will be transferred to the blockchain by DuBois et fils. This in turn connects the historical watch movement from the last century with a virtual token. Through us, this gives you the unique opportunity to buy the movement before it is installed. Be part of it from the very beginning and accompany your very own caliber AS-1895 on its way into a DuBois et fils watch.

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