31 – 05 – 2021 – –
Enthusiasm for what we do

There are many explanations as to why we are passionate about our daily work. We’d like to share with you just where our enthusiasm for what we do comes from and the values ​​we follow in our daily work:

Our revelations in 7 points

1. We value the profession and the products made by our watchmaking ancestors. The art of traditional Swiss mechanical watchmaking is unique. We aim to groom and care for this art.

2. We’re convinced that our enthusiasm for the exceptional will last for many years if we keep it alive. For generations to come people will come together and associate just as much with watches as we now do.

3. Each DBF model is developed and manufactured with great sensitivity. Each watch is a witness of true craftsmanship.

4. The historically original movements owned by DBF are robust, precise and of high quality. They open the door to new possibilities.

5. Every day we are inspired by people, special places, beautiful colours, pleasant fragrances, and extraordinary moments, with the aim of every watch to give its owner a matching attitude on life.

6. Watches live and write history - yes, together with you. Together we’d like to go on a journey through time and enable you to help shape it.

7. Regardless of how often we see or hear from each other, no matter how great the distance, it means a lot to us to have you join DBF on this journey - and we look forward to every contact.