24 – 09 – 2013 – –
DuBois et fils Watches are Winning Over Wrists!

Over the last few days numerous watch aficionados have received their very own personal DuBois et fils jewellery piece. How much do the proud watch owners value 'their' DuBois et fils? See for yourself, we are letting our customers speak for themselves.


'I'm not only delighted by the watch but also by the way and manner that we as customers, shareholders and fans are treated. I feel a motto that we also go by in our tennis club: "simply different"...!' (T.G.)


'In a wonderful bag, in wonderful wrapping paper, in a wonderful travel wallet: a wonderful watch... I am now wearing it on my wrist.' (M.N.)


'Taking out my personal watch from your stylish and tasteful packaging was like Christmas and Easter combined for me. I can now hardly keep my eyes off my wrist, which is being ennobled by my unique edition!' (M. S.)


'I received my DBF001-01 this week. It was definitely worth the wait. The only "negative" thing about the situation is that my previous favourite watch must step down to second rank for the time being; I am now wearing the DBF every day and it is giving me great joy...' (T.M.S.)


'It was love at first sight...' (S.R.)


'I can hardly keep my eyes off my DBF001-01. It is a noble piece, and is also continually being noticed and marvelled at when encountering people. The packaging is unique and very well thought-out.' (R.S.)


'The package was a pleasure to open. The packaging – a stunner: confidently stylish, timeless, functional: really outstanding!

The watch itself – unbelievable: elegant and sporty, makes a high-quality impression, very comfortable to wear on the wrist.

I am still joyed by the exceptional company history. I'm proud to be small part of it.' (H.W.)


'The DBF001-01 found its new owner on Tuesday. I'm very happy!' (R.W.)


'I am now a proud owner of the DBF001-01. It is a great joy to wear this watch. You really came up with a great idea for the packaging! Terrific!' (R.P.)


'The DBF001-01 finally arrived. I like the wrapping paper with logo and the special case you made for it. I'm very happy to finally see the watch. I will wear it with pride. Thanks for this opportunity to be part of the DuBois et fils venture.' (M.B.)