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2020 and the «Nomads of Time»: Why this year is particularly special to DuBois et fils

2020 and the «Nomads of Time»: Why this year is particularly special to DuBois et fils

Mobility and interaction might seem like elements of our modern lives. The family DuBois, however, has a long tradition of travelling and networking. Already in 1785, Philippe DuBois built the pocket watch production on a strong network and through extensive journeys through Europe. The concept of «Nomads of Time» is deeply rooted in our company’s DNA.

In 2020, this has come to a full-stop. For us, like for many others, this is a massive challenge. One we hope to overcome as a community.

What does «Nomads of Time» mean to DuBois et fils?

Interaction, cultural exchange, international relationships, mobility. Our way of living. At DuBois et fils, we call the «Nomads of Time». It captures what is important to us: Freedom. Here’s what it means…

It represents the freedom to move around without being permanently tied down to a specific place. We appreciate the ability to take ourselves out of our regular habitat from time to time. Stretch our minds by seeing new things. Even if it is for work: Those of us who can, we pack our laptops and work from wherever we feel like it. New impulses. What a luxury to be able to have this freedom!

«Nomads of Time» also means that TIME is extremely important to us. Essentially, modern humans don’t have much of it. So, being able to find the space to just enjoy the moment as it happens is a rare occasion. But it is something many of us are looking for. And whenever we find such moments, in which time stands still, we love it. Again: To us, this is luxury.

But time is not only a concept that moves forward. We travel through time. Many try to foresee what will come. Others are looking back, trying to understand history. With our level of information, there is hardly a fact on this globe that cannot be virtually researched. At DuBois et fils, we see great value in relating to the great achievements of the past.

«Nomads of Time» also means to slow things down. As we travel, we do not look for hectic or extravaganza. We are going back to the basics. The things that really matter.

As one of the early members of the traditional Swiss watch industry, for DuBois et fils focuses strongly on historic mechanic movements.

Why are these historic movements so important to DuBois et fils?

These movements were built by skillful producers from a different time. A time, in which today’s luxury was far away. The quality of the products was exceptional because the movements were used by people who conducted manual labour. The movements are robust and extremely precise. By using such historic movements at the core of our products, we bring back a piece of modesty. Simplicity from a time, in which people focused on the essentials. Namely to use their skill to produce high-quality movements. Without caring too much about big marketing stories and making loud noise around it.

It is the simplicity, honesty and modesty we, as «Nomads of Time», are looking for. A concept that has been challenged in 2020 because of the restricted mobility. But it also has never been more accurate, as we have been humbled by recent events – a time in which we are all asked to think about what really matters to us.

We at DuBois et fils are truly grateful to have you as our supporters. And we look forward to continue this journey with you. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Thomas Steinemann, CEO