07 – 12 – 2018 – –
1000 shareholders, one company

Soon, we would like to welcome the 1000th shareholder of DuBois et fils.

Shareholders are actively integrated into the action via an online platform and are kept informed about all important steps and decisions. With this, DuBois et fils has created a new form of shareholder relationship characterized by transparency and sustainability.

Beginning now on our website we are offering: 50 share packages “GO TO 1000”.
The offer is as follows:

50 registered shares of Philippe DuBois & Fils SA,  par value of CHF 1.00 each
Total share price (issue price) of CHF 1'000 (CHF 20.00 per share)

Shareholder benefit:
40% discount voucher for 1 DuBois et fils watch; valid till Dec 31, 2019

Join us along the way to a digitized future for the Swiss luxury watch industry.