About DuBois


It is our passion to preserve the art of the traditional production of Swiss mechanical movements, to both keep them alive and make them accessible to future generations as invaluable.


That’s why all our editions are limited to a maximum of 99 pieces. Being one of only a few is the real luxury of our time.

In our watches we almost exclusively use original, historic Swiss movements from the last century. With a DuBois et fils, you become a true owner of Swiss watchmaking history.

We connect people, who don't see watches as status symbols. As a bearer of a DuBois et fils, you rather appreciate understatement and fairness as well as the unique stories that come with your watch.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow - we take you on a journey through time every day - every limited edition DuBois et fils watch makes you a witness to true craftsmanship.

We create the beginning - you the infinity.