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Moise DuBois takes over his father’s textile trading company.


Moise DuBois begins trade in pocket watches.


Moise DuBois begins to produce watches.


Mois’ children, Philippe and Isabeau, take over the company, which is then renamed to Philippe DuBois & Soeur.


Philippe’s son joins the company, which is then renamed to Philippe DuBois & Fils.


During the first 55 years, the company sold more than 110,000 pocket watches.


Philippe DuBois & Fils starts distribution in the USA.


The company has offices in Switzerland, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.


DuBois et fils begins to produce wrist watches.


Launch of a special watch with a unique automatic winding system called ‘Autorist’.


The decision to focus on limited edition watches is made.


Thomas Steinemann – a dedicated watch manager and collector – becomes the new owner of Philippe DuBois & Fils SA.


As the first luxury watch brand in the industry, DuBois et fils starts an equity-based crowd funding campaign. 


Within 5 months, a total of 587 people from 21 countries invest CHF 1.5M in DuBois et fils shares.


Launch of the new DBF collection. In line with the credo ‘Luxury is: to be one of a few’, all DuBois et fils watch editions are limited to a maximum of 99 timepieces per model.


Creation and presentation of a pioneering distribution concept for the luxury segment of the watch industry.


230 years of passion for watches, history, craftsmanship and innovation. DuBois et fils is celebrating this historically significant moment with the launch of a very limited anniversary collection, the DBF004 'montre anniversaire 230 ans'.
Elaborately crafted with attention to detail, the puristic designed anniversary model has the potential to become a limited edition classic for aficionados of authentic watches.

With its round, multi-piece case (44 mm) made from high-quality stainless steel 316L, the bridge on the side and the notched bezel, the DBF004 bears the unmistakable signature design of DuBois et fils. The sense for form and aesthetics, beauty and quality is also reflected in the dial, which has been reduced to the essential. The Swiss hand-wound movement Record 662 from the 1960s can be seen through the double-sided anti-reflective coated sapphire glass base.

The anniversary collection is available in three different dial versions (blue, anthracite and ivory) and in line with the house's long tradition is limited to 99 editions per version.


1'000 shareholders

This year's Annual General Meeting was on June 22, 2019 in the Natural History Museum in Basel. 120 guests attended.
The name of the 1,000th shareholder is David Fürpass. For special reasons, we decided to gift the share package to him. David has had a very difficult time with his father and sister over the past three years. His touching story and how the family has dealt with the situation impressed the attendees present. 

DBF006 Bidynator

Almost 70 years after its invention, DuBois et fils is bringing back the first automatic movement with a double-sided winding rotor – the Bidynator – in its authentic form. 

These new models feature pioneering Bidynator movements from FELSA using the original 4007 N crafted in the 50s. DuBois et fils offers these valuable eyewitnesses of the Swiss watch industry accessible to each and every one who appreciates high-quality craft and beauty. 

DBF006: Limited Editions
The five new DBF006 line watch models feature a case diameter of 42.00 mm and embody the spirit of the 50s. In addition to the characteristic movement, the curved dial or the domed sapphire crystal are essential design elements of this era. In combination with the clear, straightforward design and modern elements such as the particularly finely designed indices, a beautiful, timelessly elegant watch was created. In the truest sense of the word a "historical" piece of jewelry for your wrist.