Project presentation


The DuBois family started producing watches in 1751. Philippe DuBois & Fils SA was founded in 1785 in Le Locle, Switzerland. This makes it the oldest Swiss watch factory and one of the oldest Swiss watch brands.

1743 Moise DuBois starts to deal in pocket watches
1751 Moise DuBois begins to produce his own watches
1760 Philippe DuBois, Moise's son, takes over the company
1785 Philippe DuBois and three of his sons change the company name to Philippe DuBois & Fils SA
1798 during the first 55 years the company sells more than 110'000 watches
1804 start of distribution in the USA
1820 start of distribution in Brazil
1844 Jules DuBois established his own office in Frankfurt, Germany
1910 the company begins its business dealing in wrist watches
1931 launch of a special watch with a unique automatic winding system, called «Autorist»
1950 the company decides to focus on limited edition watches in small quantities

The house of DuBois

The house where Philippe DuBois & Fils SA was founded, is still owned by the DuBois family. It has been transformed into a small lodging house that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast, which is served on the original workbench in the old studio.

Philippe DuBois & Fils SA still operates from their two offices on the first floor of the family house.

Click here to watch the video about the house of DuBois.

Change of ownership

In 2010 Thomas Steinemann became the new owner of Philippe DuBois & Fils SA. Since he and his professional team started to work on the relaunch of the brand, the production and distribution has temporarily closed.

Thomas Steinemann has huge experience in the Swiss and worldwide watch business

1988 first business contact with Fossil Group, starts to sell Fossil watches in Europe
1991 founded No-time AG in Basel, a distribution company for watches and jewelry
2000 founded X-time AG, a watch and jewelry retail store chain
2002 both companies were bought by Fossil Group
2003 founded a watch consulting company called Timestore AG in Basel
2004 builds up a Fossil European with domicile in Basel
switched to Montres Antima SA in Bienne, a Fossil-owned Swiss made design, development and production company as a CEO
2010 acquisition of Philippe DuBois & Fils SA

Relaunch 2013

New Logo
New Products
New marketing and distribution strategy


  • small, unique watch collection
  • imited edition watches only – less than 100 pieces per model
  • focuses on a precise consumer group and their specific preferences
  • new logo which combines elements that relate to the long history of the brand with modern design
  • new concept in marketing and distribution for a luxury product

Consumer target

  • age 30 to 55
  • accomplished, independent, deliberate, open
  • urban living
  • is enthusiastic for watches
  • has an eye for detail
  • appreciates tradition and quality
  • is interested in politics and economy
  • knows our product
  • likes to discover new brands and products
  • is not impressed by status symbols
  • uses new media to communicate and to get information

Brand positioning

  • understatement but quality
  • innovation and value

Product positioning

  • uniqueness through limited editions only
  • classic and retro modern

New logo

DuBois, the original name of the brand and the family, modern letters with a traditional touch.

Essential to the value of the brand. The french spelling is an homage to the Swiss watch industry in the Jura region.

New symbol

Further development of the old logo with the 3 trees; will be used for example on the crown.

New products

  • limited edition watches only – less than 100 per model
  • mechanical watches only
  • retail price range CHF 6'000 to CHF 15'000
  • «touch it – feel it»
  • different case shapes
  • innovation design and material
  • quality for value

Relaunch schedule

«Undercover» pre-relaunch: March 2013

  • no official statements from the brand for pre-relaunch
  • exclusive sales to shareholder group
  • limited number of private events with shareholders and invited guests
  • brand communication is only presented on the website and social networks

Official Relaunch: June 2013

  • press events and press kits
  • advertising in (watch) magazines
  • events with retailers, journalists and vip's etc.
  • launch of our new online concierge service for members


share capital

  • company share capital: CHF 350'000
  • CHF 150'000 increase of share capital with Crowdfunding
  • main shareholder: Thomas Steinemann, Basel


  • turnover of approx. CHF 3'000'000 within the 3rd year (2015)
  • profitable within the 3rd year (2015)
  • cash positive within the 3rd year (2015)