Rent your luxury watch

Fascinating world of sharing

Online on Thursday 15 September. 

At first glance, it may seem absurd that a watch brand proposes to offer its own products for rent. After all is it not the primary interest of a company to sell as many watches as possible? Naturally. But then again, DuBois et fils is known for being the movers and shakers of the industry, breaking new ground on classical sales and marketing within the luxury watch industry.

One of these new routes is dominated by debate around development of the so-called "sharing economy". In today’s digitized, dynamic, global society, owning everything is increasingly being viewed as a burden. The consequence: A redefinition of the perception of ownership. The renowned American "Time Magazine" goes even farther, reporting that this development could change the world:

"Someday we'll look back on the 20th century and wonder why we owned so much stuff."

In the premium price segment, the rise of the 'sharing economy' continues inexorably. Sharing is the new norm; access more important than possession. This phenomena has already been implemented in the luxury car and jewelry industry.

Yet the watch industry seems to have closed their eyes to this new form of marketing.

Not so at DuBois et fils.

Do you love variety, wish for a suitable watch for that special occasion, or just want to live out your passion for beautiful timepieces without having to make a significant financial commitment? Our exceptional merchandising concept "Rent Your Luxury Watch" gives you exclusive access to our highly limited watch collection. Immerse yourself in DuBois et fils options in the fascinating and unique world of sharing.

Further information to follow shortly.

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